There's No Pressure

by Lures

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released February 6, 2017

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 13 recorded by Trevor Spencer at Avast! Recording Co.

Tracks 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 recorded by Steve Fisk at Soundhouse.

Additional recording at Red Room and Arundel Gardens.

All songs mixed by Steve Fisk.

Mastered by Ed Brooks of RFI Mastering.

Artwork by CMRTYZ



all rights reserved


Lures Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: This Is The End
I'm doing fine now that you ask
No sense of time watch it pass
Couldn't really tell,
Hoping to hear
Haven't been yourself that's clear
I don't want what you have

Nothing left to do so this is the end
Nothing left to prove so this is the end

Love of my life won't you last?
I've been up all night watch me crash
Give me just a minute
Slow this down
I wanna go back so turn around
I want some of what we used to have
Track Name: UFO
Maybe I'll be here
Try and see things clearly
First man on the moon
I thought that you knew

Lost myself to you
Not much there to lose
Stare into the sun
Try to size it up

If you go, just let me know

This could kill me but I wanna try
Doesn't mean I wanna die
Hope there's something on the other side
Far away or in my mind

So much I don't know
Weight I just can't hold
Now I'm seeing stars
Feeling very far away
Track Name: You're With Me
With me,
You're always with me now
Even when you're not around
We still find common ground
I never found another like you
Don't quit me now
I don't know what I'd do

Lift me,
I don't wanna come back down
You are still within me
Even after we go out
All of my dreams feature you
Don't wake me up,
Because it won't feel new

I will tell you that you're just my type
You say "sweetheart you are all too kind,
You keep me going but you're not the guy"
And I say honey I still have to try

There's a lot of things that I could do
I'd know nothing if it's not for you
I don't wanna wait here
So I won't
I don't wanna stay here
So I have to go

Miss me,
Whenever I come around
We are always passing through
Without making a sound
Id simply die to talk to you
Even when you're lying it still rings true
Track Name: I'm With You
I'm not supposed to,
Still gotta try
I'll keep you right there
In the back of my mind
That's all I got
Not a lot - can't control it
We wanted each other
Did you even notice?

I'm just a different kind - but oh well
Something I never tried oh what the hell

In everything you do
You know that I'm with you
In everything I see
I know they you're with me
I got so turned around
I don't know which way I came from
Wanted to see you now
You are always the same one

You wanted the true me
So why do I lie?
First place I look
Corner of my eye
I'll meet you there I don't care
Where we are going
You gave me your hand
I was only hoping to hold it

I'm just a difficult type - you know me well
Seen me a thousand times
Can you see me now?
Track Name: And Then Nothing
Oh - nothing turns into something
You know - anything can be something else

Wanting is different than having it
Once you get there , then where do you go?
And maybe it goes without saying it
Call me crazy sometimes I just have to know

I wanted badly to be the magician
But I can only be the assistant

There's nothing, and then nothing
Track Name: There's No Pressure
There's no pressure
Just what you want
There's no measure
Of what you want - to do

There's no pressure,
If there's no measure
Of how or when,
So how have you been?

There's no better if there's no worse
There's no pleasure
If there's no hurt too
So much left to do
Track Name: Passages
Are you really who you say you are ?
Open up the door,
To the other part
Moving in a circle up until your gone
I wanna leave something behind that will carry on

Are we losing more
Of what we had before?

Something this real has gotta last
Life after death yeah it's a one way path
This mystery that we all hope to crack
What happenes to the spirit once the body passes?

We are losing more
Of what we had before
Track Name: Two Trees
This town has only got two streets
One takes me home, the other asks me to leave
We all know nothing is permanent
But we can still find some permanence
Believing in what happens next

Love was on our minds
But our minds were in the gutter
The drive into town was always a stunner

So just give me a sign
And I'm convinced
Water is good for Aquarius
So look at the paper to see where all the days went
And these days I'm always spent
My day to day is permanent

So go online for a beautiful summer
I won't go outside if there's too many others

This town has only got two trees
Ones there for the beauty
The other helps me breath
It's tough to feel deserving when
Every good band up and quits and There's no telling what
Will happen next
Track Name: Hasta La Vista (Baby)
The city is an ashtray
I can't help myself
Go there and back but don't wait
If they say they're comin around
You'll never win me over
But I hope you try it out
In and out of a coma
Get high then come back down

The city is a blank frame
Fill it up like another round
Can you see the future?
All I got is here and now
On television
Everything is a holy cow
If the spirit goes missing
Run the body into the ground

The city is a bubble
It's about to pop
Every time it gets going
Well then it totally stops
Missed connection - human race
Lost horizon - time and space
Track Name: But In Dreams
Life is only what it seems,
Life is only good in dreams of you
Life is all material things
I can buy expensive rings brand new
Life is better left unsaid
Like this world has gotta end so soon
Society isn't anything
Music over everything you do
Life can be inspiring
Even when it's tiring and blue
Music over everything
Heaven is a tender little tune